Turn What You Know Into Gold


Are You Eager To…

  • Impact a larger audience with your products and services?
  • Become the expert instead of the “best kept secret” of your industry?
  • Profit from exploding your revenue while simultaneously slashing expenses?
  • Escape from the time for dollars trap that you find yourself in right now?

Then let me share how my coaching and on-demand training can help you profit from internet marketing. My name is Bob Jenkins, and I’m really good at making complex things simple. And as a professionally trained teacher who created a six-figure business in 15 months, I can be that catalyst you need for success.

Catch Fire With Internet Marketing

Let me first share with you a couple tips about how you can improve your business, improve your results, improve your lifestyle, with internet marketing.

As a former teacher, I like acronyms so bear with me here as I share with you 5 of the areas in which internet marketing can really help you.

It begins with lighting your LAMPS.

The first is internet marketing gives you incredible Leverage. You can do something once and you can be paid for it over and over and over again. You can use technology to reach thousands of people in this same amount of time it would take you to reach one.

You also can use internet marketing as a matter of Attraction. You can bring people towards you instead of you chasing them down. This is incredible for you to really live the life that you are looking for and impact people in massively important ways.

You also are able to harness the internet marketing power of Messaging. So that you can control what people know about you, what people can benefit from your message, what they get to know from your expertise.

You also have an incredible opportunity for Profitability. Unlike brick and mortar businesses and other types of commerce in the world that we live in today, internet marketing is highly profitable. That’s because it’s not as expensive as traditional forms of marketing but you can get your message out to as many people as possible and you can again attract those people that are really most targeted to work with you.

Finally internet marketing allows you a high level of Systemization. You don’t have to recreate the wheel all the time and you don’t have to spend endless hours doing things that have very poor results. Instead you can plug into a good system. You can use it again and again and again. Plus, you create a more scalable business. This means you can deliver your products and services to bigger audiences without going nuts in the process.

So I need to ask you another question

What is in your way, right now from benefiting from internet marketing?

Well I have this sneaking suspicion that it has to do with a few things. One of which is that you are having a hard time figuring out why things need to be done and how they need to be done. Perhaps you have some of the pieces here and some of the pieces there but nobody has taken the time to actually put them together for you.

You also may not really have a good handle on the little details that are actually important while also having an understanding of the big picture of how everything fits together. Perhaps you have a good idea of what you want to do but nobody is taking the time to answer your specific challenges and no matter how many e-books and videos and teleseminars you’ve been on, you are lacking that one on one or that individual attention that you are needing about your specific challenges in your business.

Perhaps you are also suffering from shiny object syndrome. There are so many programs, so many gizmos, so many tactics, so many strategies that perhaps you are having a hard time making sense of it all. What is the priority? What is really important? And you probably find yourself being pulled in so many different directions. In the process you are probably losing sight of why you got into this business in the first place and how internet marketing is really going to help you instead of distract you.

Perhaps like many entrepreneurs you don’t find enough time in the day.

Well with internet marketing and the kind of training and the kind of support that I can give to you, you are going to learn how to get more done in less time and therefore focus on those essential activities that are going to actually move your business forward.

Finally, maybe what is in your way is you’ve been doing the things that you think need to be done, you have been trying to keep up with the Joneses and the gurus. But in the process you feel like you are selling your soul and I don’t know about you but that feels really, really nasty. And you can’t move forward when you don’t have that sense of hope, that sense of uplift. Instead you have that pit in your stomach like you are doing things you think that you are supposed to do. But in reality you feel like you are going against your principles, you are going against what you truly believe in.

Who Am I to Teach You?

I want to help you succeed in your business and to marry the internet marketing strategies that do work, with your expertise, with your products and services, so you can impact more people.

Let me just briefly tell you a little bit of background and let you know why I can help you succeed with internet marketing. First of all I am a professionally trained teacher with a bachelor’s degree in Social Science Education and History from Florida State University. My Master’s degree is from the Johns Hopkins University. I taught for 10 years, helping high school students understand history and showing teachers how to become more productive and get more done in less time.

I personally boot-strapped my business growth while working full time. I did not have any kind of major income to leverage. I did have my teaching salary but as you know that is not very much. So I didn’t come from a position of privilege and unfortunately there is a lot of people who teach how to grow a business, who grew their business rather successfully, but they also had some benefits of starting a little bit more than starting from scratch.

I was able to grow my business from 0 to 6 figures in 15 months while I was still working full time. So if you are either in a current job or you are a professional who has got a lot of clients, a lot of time commitments and you don’t feel like you have a lot of time, I can definitely help you because I know what that’s like.

Now currently I maintain over 50 different profit streams. A few of which I spend most of my energy on, but I have been able to diversify through internet marketing and I can show you how to do something similar if you wish. But this also means I have tested out a lot of different methods of revenue creation and I can pin point based on your question and your situation, which one is likely to work best for you.

I am also a specialist in simplifying the complex. I have been doing this for years. Even before internet marketing. Even back in middle school, I was able to take complex things and share a different way of looking at it so that the people around me and the people I wished to impact could understand it quickly.

Finally I think that I am good fit for you, to be your internet marketing teacher because I continue to test and innovate, continue to see what works, to evaluate and put them into my business and if it doesn’t work, I can tell you if it does work. I can show you results and I continue to take what other people teach me and what I pick up through osmosis or through experimentation and I innovate and I can then pass on that knowledge to you.

Your Taste of Success

Now I have another acronym for you. Hope you don’t mind but that’s the teacher in me. I want to share with you Your Taste of Success. The acronym this time is going to spell out a little bit of a tasty treat for you. See if you can predict what it is.

So first of all, your success is going to come from a combination of 4 things.

The first is Confidence. Right now, you are probably not feeling very confident about your promotion strategies. You might be spending way too much money. You have no idea what the results are. Hopefully you have an expertise, a profession, a service or a product that you believe strongly in but you don’t have the confidence in getting the message out about it and certainly you don’t have the confidence in the technology required to use the internet to get that message to more people.

You also need to be able to take massive Action but massive action doing the right things at the right time. Now I’m not going to try to tell you that you are going to get it perfect all the time and I’m certainly not going to tell you that I get it perfect every time. In fact, my motto in business is take action revise later. But I have been very successful because I have taken action, made good decisions, sometimes great decisions and when I’ve made bad decisions I’ve been able to correct quickly by further action.

The third thing that you are going to need is Knowledge. You do need to know certain skills, certain strategies, when to use them and when not to use them. Which ones are worth it and which ones should not be a priority and I can help you by my teachings, my coaching and by the community that you are going to become a part of.

And finally there is a matter of Energy, if you can combine your confidence, your action, your knowledge, with energy, you are going to be very, very successful. Now the energy doesn’t have to come all from you. This is a mistake that many entrepreneurs make, especially when they are getting started at a certain phase of their business. Instead, I want you to think about the energy that can be compounded through the efforts of more than just yourself. So this can come from support staff that you might have, virtual assistants, it can come from affiliate partners who help promote your products and services. The combined energy of you and the people that you surround yourself with are going to lead to your outrageous success online.

What I’ll Share With You At The IM Success Library

I’d like invite you to join the IM Success Library and if you do so right now, I am going to give you live coaching, along with on-demand step by step internet marketing lessons that you can learn from any time, day or not from any computer. I am going to give you discounts up to 50% on specialized training programs that you might need at any particular time in your business and I am also going to give you a lucrative affiliate program so that no matter how much you decide to invest with me, I will actually be able to pay you more than you send to me. That’s a pretty sweet deal for both of us actually.

The courses (which are listed below for your reference) are centered around these critical areas of internet marketing:

  • Website management

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Becoming the go-to expert

  • Information product creation

  • Email list building and autoresponder strategies

  • Social networking (like Twitter and Facebook)

  • Blogging strategies

  • Internet traffic methods

  • And much more.

Choose Your Level

So you are going to be able to choose the best level for your specific needs. You will be able to choose from diamond, from platinum, from gold and from silver. Let me share with you what’s involved and what you get with each of those levels so that you can decide which of these four levels is most appropriate for you right now and of course my system and my community has complete flexibility so not matter which one you choose to join with now you can actually go up, go down at any point in time as you see fit.

Your membership options at a glance…


The Platinum membership is for the growing business owner who recognizes just a few roadblocks are standing in their way to massive success. They need answers to specific questions and are willing to try new strategies for their business.

As a Platinum member, you benefit from…

  • 2 semi-private coaching sessions each month (plus MP3 recording)
  • Anytime access to Gold level courses
  • Anytime access to Silver level courses
  • Affiliate program – earn up to 50% commissions on all membership referrals and individual sales
  • Save up to 40% on live training, coaching, live and virtual workshops
  • All this for just $1997/year or $197/month
  • Limited time special: $97/month (Save 50%) – Click For Platinum Monthly Option
  • Annual option: $997/year – Get 2 Months Free + BONUS 1 Hour Coaching Package ($497 value) – Click For Platinum Annual Option


The Gold membership is designed for business owners who love to learn on their own, and want to stay on top of hot trends in the industry.

As a Gold member, you benefit from…

  • Anytime access to Gold level courses
  • Anytime access to Silver level courses
  • Affiliate program – earn up to 50% commissions on all membership referrals and individual sales
  • Save up to 30% on live training, coaching, live and virtual workshops
  • All this for just $497/year or $47/month
  • Limited time special: $27/month (Save 50%) – Click for Gold Monthly Option
  • Annual option: $297/year – Get 2 Months Free – Click For Gold Annual Option

These Courses Are Available To You Any Time – Day Or Night

Gold Member Courses

Platinum members receive these advanced internet marketing modules on-demand.

Teleseminar Formula – Profit And Product Creation System

  • 1 – Introduction To The Teleseminar Formula
  • 2 – Preparation Strategies For Your Next Teleseminar
  • 3 – Technical Preparations For Your Next Teleseminar
  • 4 – Presenting And Recording Your Next Teleseminar Like A Pro
  • 5 – Product Creation Strategies From Your Teleseminars
  • 6 – Create Information Products Out Of Teleseminars
  • 7 – Profit From The Teleseminar Formula
  • 8 – Teleseminar Promotion Strategies

Create Your Own Affiliate Program

  • 1 – Benefits And Technical Requirements
  • 2- Attracting And Motivating Affiliates
  • 3 – Promo Tools For Your Affiliate Program

Discover Affiliate Strategies

Discover Autoresponders

  • 1 – Creating Your First Autoresponder List
  • 2 – Communicating With Your Subscribers
  • 3 – Monetize Your Email Marketing List
  • 4 – Advanced Webforms And List Settings
  • 5 – Advanced Messaging And Marketing Strategies
  • 6 – Advanced Aweber Features
  • 7 – Make More Money With Autoresponders

Discover cPanel – Website Management

  • 1- Register Your Website Domain Name
  • 2 – Set Up cPanel Hosting Account
  • 3 – Setup Webmail Accounts
  • 4 – Managing Your Files With File Manager
  • 5 – Create URL Redirects
  • 6 – Install Website Scripts With Fantastico
  • 7 – Discover cPanel Error Pages
  • 8 – Create A MySQL Database
  • 9 – Save Money With AddOn Domains
  • 10 – Protect Your Directories And Files From Thieves
  • 11 – Set Up Subdomains For Your Website
  • 12 – Analyze Your Website Statistics
  • 13 – Set Up FrontPage, FTP, and Passwords
  • 14 – Use cPanel To Sell Resell Rights Products
  • 15 – Install Your Own Website Scripts

Discover Freemind – Mindmapping Strategies and Software

  • 1 – Freemind Software And Quick Start Tutorial
  • 2 – Use More Features Of Freemind

Discover Product Creation – Profit From Free Reports

  • Intro – How Free Reports Help You Grow Your Business Online
  • 1 – How To Create The Content For Your Free Report
  • 2 – Format Your Report For The Web
  • 4 – Deliver Your Report Online

Discover Social Networking – Profit From Social Networking On Twitter And Facebook

  • 1 – Introduction To Social Networking
  • 2 – Twitter Basics
  • 3 – Twitter Seduction Strategies With Coach Deb Micek
  • 4 – Twitter Advanced Business Strategies
  • 5 – Facebook Basics For Business
  • 6 – Facebook Profit Strategies With Mari Smith
  • 7 – Advanced Facebook Business Strategies

Discover Split Testing – Make More Sales And Grow Your E-Mail List Faster With Split Testing

  • 1 – Profit From Split Testing
  • 2 – Profit From Aweber Split Testing
  • 3 – Profit From Google Website Optimizer

Live Event Secrets

  • 1 – Plan Your Event Goals Several Weeks In Advance
  • 2 – Pre-Event Connections
  • 3 – Network At The Event Like A Pro
  • 4 – Follow Up After The Live Event

Discover Butterfly Marketing

  • Install Your Butterfly Marketing Script
  • 1 – Planning Your Butterfly Marketing Site
  • 2 – Communication Settings For Your BFM Site
  • 3 – Selling And Delivering Your Products
  • 4 – Your Affiliate Program
  • 5 – Manager Your Site Members
  • 6 – Develop And Monetize Your Virtual Real Estate
  • 7 – Conversion And Promotion Strategies
  • 8 – More Promotion Strategies

Discover Ning – Create Your Own Social Network

  • 1 – Introduction To Ning
  • 2 – Add Media And Content To Your Community
  • 3 – Ning Blogs, Groups, And Advanced Customizations
  • 4 – Grow And Customize Your Ning Community

Discover Masterminds

  • 1 – Why Masterminds?
  • 2 – Your Mastermind Team
  • 3 – Mastermind Meetings
  • 4 – Profiting From Masterminds
  • 5 – Resources For Mastermind Teams

Squidoo Secrets – Get More Traffic, Exposure, And Sales With Squidoo

  • 1 – Introduction To Squidoo And Web 2.0
  • 2 – Squidoo Lensmaster Basics
  • 3 – Squidoo Lens Content Creation Strategies
  • 4 – Answers To Common Questions For Beginning Lensmasters
  • 5 – Making Money With Squidoo
  • 6 – Squidoo Groups And Front Doors
  • 7 – Traffic, Sales Pages, And The Future Of Squidoo
  • 8 – Advanced Questions About Squidoo

Upgrade Now




Here’s exactly what you get with each level of membership:

IMSL Training Included Reg. Price Diamond Platinum Gold
Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions (12) $3564
2 Tickets to Live SIMPLE Event $1997
Brainstorming & Coaching Sessions (24) $1164
Interactive Virtual Workshops (2) $394
Teleseminar Formula $497
Discover Digital Access Pass: WordPress Membership Sites $97
Discover Butterfly Marketing Membership Sites $297
Discover Masterminds $97
Discover cPanel Website management $77
Discover Freemind Mindmapping $47
Discover Autoresponders & List Building $97
Discover Social Networking (Twitter/Facebook) $67
Discover Product Creation: Reports & Ebooks $67
Discover Split Testing $67
Squidoo Secrets $47
Live Event Secrets $67
Create Your Own Affiliate Program $47
Total Price If Purchased Separately $11,251 $3,693 $1,571
Get 2 Months Free With The Annual Special Offer Diamond Platinum Gold
$4,997 $997 $297
Or Join Monthly For Just $497 $97 $27
Click Your Choice Above To Lock In Your Savings –
Prices Increase Very Soon!

Note: Prices and features are subject to change at any time, and without warning.
Lock in your savings today!

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    You have not done that. Your site is easy to follow and comprehend.

  2. My first impression of your site and various offers was very positive. I have no doubt that you are an excellent teacher. I just read your report (transcribed from a webinar), Discover Your SIMPLE Path to a 6-Figure Business Plan…
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