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Trying to make sense of how internet marketing can help your business?

The IM Success Library is your one-stop resource center for profiting from internet marketing.

Founded in 2009 by internet marketing teacher Bob Jenkins, the IMSL includes self-study courses, group coaching, mastermind teams, and 1-on-1 coaching.

You no longer have to scour the web for simple, step-by-step lessons; or wonder which current trends are worth pursuing.

Let the IM Success Library be that single source for you.

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About Bob The Teacher

Since 2006, Bob has created and delivered over 20 training programs to teach entrepreneurs the skills and strategies they need to succeed with internet marketing.

Internationally recognized for his training, Bob simplifies the complex steps required to implement teleseminars into an entrepreneur’s business. His Teleseminar Formula is frequently cited as the best teleseminar training for entrepreneurs with no teleseminar experience.

Bob also helps business owners with the other areas of internet marketing, giving them a comprehensive set of strategies to profit from. These include information product creation, list building, social networking, website traffic, and affiliate marketing. His catalog of internet marketing training can be found at IMSuccessLibrary.com.

Before becoming a leading internet marketing trainer and coach, Bob taught high school history for 10 years. Better known at that time as “Mr. Jenkins”, Bob used his creative approach to teaching to help over 1000 ninth graders appreciate the role history plays in shaping our present and future. His courses included U.S. History, World History, and World Religions – the latter course he personally developed as a college level elective for seniors (12th grade).

From 1997-2007, Bob also served his school as the coach of the Academic Team. Under his guidance, the team won 2 regional championships on the It’s Academic quiz show (1998, 2006). He coached the boys and girls’ tennis teams in 2007, increasing both team’s win totals by 100% from the previous year.

Bob also trained other educators how to be more productive in the classroom. He enhanced and expanded the Teacher Productivity course for use in the Howard County (MD) Continuing Education Program, and personally taught over 125 teachers his methods for getting more done in less time with Microsoft Office programs.

For his work in and out of the classroom with students and teachers, Bob won the American Legion Teacher of the Year award, along with citations from local and state governments. He was also selected numerous times for Who’s Who Among American Teachers, for which he was nominated by his students.

A student of many topics, Bob received his Master of Liberal Arts from the Johns Hopkins University in 2005, and his Bachelor of Arts (Social Science Education, History) from Florida State University in 1997.

Bob currently lives in Leland, North Carolina. When not teaching entrepreneurs internet marketing, he enjoys playing tennis and reading his Kindle at the beach.

To learn more from Bob, please visit AskBobTheTeacher.com.

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