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Members Discussion (6 comments so far)

  1. Heather Robinson

    Just started reading the book and I am very impressed. One thing that is kind of weird though, your autograph is a mirror image. The numbered version of the book is readable, but to read your autograph I have to look at it through the next page.

    • BobTheTeacher

      Hey Heather – that’s not a mistake. I sign my name backwards 🙂 Have done so since I was 11 years old!

  2. Hi Bob,

    I finally purchased your book as I’ve intended to do from day one. I’ve read so many great reviews that I can’t wait to receive my personal copy in the mail.

    I’ll be happy to add my personal reviews when I’m through reading.

    All the best,

  3. Dan Murphy

    I sure wish the book got here yesterday!
    Getting a little at a time is discouraging especially if it’s info I’ve heard before.
    I mean, like the title says what to expect but just maybe Bob has a way of explaining it so that it sinks in and gets applied!
    I guess the first chapter may tell the tale

  4. Dan Murphy

    I now see the full download on another page

  5. I am looking forward to this class! One of the first things I planned to do with my blog was video, and that was a year or so ago. Now it’s THE THING! If I can just get myself caught up with my thoughts, I’ll be ahead of the game!

    My website is a shell right now; however, I’m counting on all the excitement I’ve heard about this class to change that. Thnaks for putting this all together for us at an affordable price! That is HUGE for us start-ups!

    Take care of you!