Live Coaching And Mentoring With Bob The Teacher

Need more personalized attention for your business?

At the IM Success Library, you have a few choices for the type of coaching you need.

Laser Coaching Sessions

These are private, 1-on-1 sessions between you and me, for up to 30 minutes. One laser coaching session is included each month for Diamond members. The recording is also included for your use. Sessions for other members are subject to availability.

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Brainstorm Session

This is a group coaching environment where you get to have your question/challenge addressed, while also benefiting from the ideas and questions of others. One brainstorm session is included for Platinum and Diamond members each month.

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IM Success Strategy Sessions

Discover what’s working right now in internet marketing. Learn from Bob The Teacher and occasional guest experts with in-depth, pitch free training calls. These sessions are available to all Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members.

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Internet Marketing Makeovers

Revamp a central process in your business with a 4 week intensive private coaching program.

Each program includes a minimum of 1 30-minute private “roadmap” session with Bob, which includes screen sharing and the recording. In addition, you receive support from Bob via email, and access to related courses in the IM Success Library for help with implementation during the program. This is a “do it with you”, not for you program. Makeovers are available for the following areas:

  • Email Marketing Makeover (available now – click for details)
  • Teleseminar Marketing Makeover (coming soon)
  • Affiliate Marketing Makeover (coming soon)
  • Website Makeover (coming soon)

Marketing makeover slots will be available soon.

Group Coaching Programs

  • LAMPS – Teleseminar Formula – Complete 3 specific types of teleseminars during this program to kickstart your business. Participation with other members of the program encourages your results and new partnerships.

Members Discussion (One comment so far)

  1. Bob,
    I really enjoyed SIMPLE in Wilmington in February. I have been working hard the last few months to develop a few products and a book to suppliment my business. I would like to work with you to help me with the next stage of the processs – implementation and marketing.