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From Bob the Teacher Jenkins

Dear NAMSter,

NAMS 8 is over, and NAMS 9 will be here before you know it.

What will you be able to show off in February about the progress you’ve made since this weekend?

Do you want to return triumphantly, having finished profitable projects who’s initial ideas were borne from this weekend? Do you want to carry your head high and your shoulders back as you confidently report on the success you’ve achieved in a short 6 months?

Or do you want to come back to the community still in pretty much the same situation you are now: full of ideas and plans, but nothing of note completed?

I Can Help You Create Amazing Success
Between Now And Then

The biggest challenge you’ll face as you head home Sunday night or Monday is overcoming the overwhelm of ideas and taking action on the single best strategy that will work for you.

I want you to head out of this event excited about the momentum you can build when you get clear and focused on ONLY those actions and strategies that will bring you toward your big goals. And I can help you get there by working with you personally in a highly effective coaching program I designed just for people like you: the movers and shakers who hit the wall of information overload and analysis paralysis. The people with big hearts and dreams to change their worlds with high integrity products and services, but without the confidence and clarity needed to move forward quickly.

It’s called “MindMAP My Business Gold”, a simple yet very powerful coaching program with me that will transform the results you get literally overnight… and for far less than you’d expect for coaching with this much impact on your business!

This fast and easy program is designed to show you how to get control of all the spinning plates, and make clear decisions regarding your projects, services, and marketing efforts.

I’ve tailored this program to give you a jump start with 3 fast-paced training and coaching sessions you experience from home.

How Much Is It Costing You
When You Fail To Finish
What You Start?

I know how frustrating it can be to leave unfinished projects hanging out there. But it’s also extremely costly, too!

Let’s do the simple math of the revenue you’re missing out on by not getting your product or service into the marketplace.

Here are some conservative numbers to consider…

  • Unfinished eBook/Course – once it’s done, you could easily sell just 50 copies at $20 each…
    Not finishing your ebook or course is costing you at least $1000!
  • Unfinished Membership Site – once it’s done, you could have 50 members join at $10/month…
    Not finishing your membership site is costing you at least $6000/year!
  • Unfinished Coaching Program – once it’s launched, you could have 10 clients at $500/month…
    Not launching your coaching program is costing you at least $60,000/year!

I don’t know what your specific numbers are, but the reality is clear:

Failing to finish what you start is putting a serious dent on your income this year,
and too much is at stake for you to settle for that!

Gain Clarity And Momentum!

“Between learning the mind mapping software and Bob’s coaching, you gain so much clarity and momentum for your business. Bob is clear and insightful and supportive.

It hasn’t even been a week since I took MindMap My Business and I already have accomplished so much of my goals. Because I can see the big picture, and then break it down into doable steps, aligned action happens!”

Gina Rafkind

Here’s How The MindMap My Business Gold Program
Works For You

We’ll meet together live through 3 interactive group sessions. It’s a fast-paced program, and the more you participate during and between the sessions, the more you’ll get out of the experience.

During Session 1, I’ll teach you the science behind the Monetized Action Plan, and break down how to create your own MAP using the Freemind software. I’ll give you clear steps to completing the first version of your MAP, what to think about as you create it, and answer your questions to make sure you’re confident as you get started.

In between Sessions 1 and 2, you’ll continue working on your own MAP to show me during the open coaching sessions.

During Session 2, I’ll personally look over your MAP with you and the others in the group, and help you make choices and decisions that will strengthen the growth of your business. This session will focus primarily on your 90 day business goals, your core values, and evaluating where you are right now. Then I’ll teach you how to map out your current and potential projects.

In between Sessions 2 and 3, you will continue working on your own MAP’s projects section to show me during the final coaching session.

During Session 3, I’ll personally look over your MAP with you and the others in the group, and help you prioritize your projects and business activities. This session will focus primarily on how to match your projects with your goals and values. Then I’ll teach you how to lay out the path way to finishing your primary project with specific action steps.

By the end of the MindMap My Business Virtual Coaching Program, you’ll feel re-energized in your business, and have a clear roadmap to success in your business.

You’ll wake up each day knowing exactly what to do next to move your business forward and help people profitably!

Make the commitment to success now – and register today!

Act quickly – this MindMAP My Business Gold Coaching program
has extremely limited availability… and there are too many people
waiting for your amazing products and services to delay action!
MindMAP My Business
Coaching Program

Yes, Bob – I want you to show me how to MindMAP My Business!

I’m signing up for this intense strategic planning and implementation program to get total control over my business by creating a 6-month Monetized Action Plan (MAP). With my registration below, please send me…

  • The MAP Inventory Guide (PDF) to take stock of what opportunities and challenges are in front of me, and the resources and assets I already have before we meet. ($97 Value)
  • The MAP Co-Creation Workshop August 9-10 where we’ll mindmap my business right in front of my eyes as we collaborate on a 90 day Monetized Action Plan. I understand this session will include 6 amazing hours of personal and group coaching that will provide a huge shift in the way I succeed in my business. ($297 Value)
    • August 9 – 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Eastern – MAP Instruction and laser coaching opportunities
    • August 10 – 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Eastern – Laser coaching opportunities for your MAP
    • August 10 – 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Eastern – Laser coaching opportunities for your MAP

By ordering today, I understand I’ll also receive 3 Special Bonuses to elevate my business even more:

  • Discover Freemind Mastery – including the mindmapping software and in-depth video tutorials to show me how to increase my productivity in my business and personal life ($27 Value)
  • The recordings of your coaching sessions so you can implement every golden nugget I hand to you ($97 value)
  • Private Online Marketing Breakthrough session with Bob – after the training, we’ll get together to lay out a clear path to your next celebration of increased revenue ($497 value) – must register by August 8 at Noon Central to get this bonus!

“I Want Bob To MindMAP My Business For Just $297!”
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Limited To A Maximum Of 30 Participants!
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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

You’ll Love This Program – Guaranteed!

Join this program risk free today! Attend the 3 sessions and create your MAP. If you aren’t ecstatic about the new trajectory of your business at the end of the program, I’ll give you every penny back! And you can still keep the Discover Freemind Mastery program and session recordings as my thank you for trying it out!

I am on a mission to empower coaches, consultants, and talented service professionals to impact more people with less effort – and with this program, you can be sure to see more success in the next few months than you have in the past few years.

Get started now – and we’ll start down your path to more profit and fun in your business!

Learn from Bob the Teacher

Bob Jenkins

p.s. Stop trying to make business decisions in a vacuum! Get my personal guidance to co-create a Monetized Action Plan, and then the accountability to implement each step on your path to profit!

p.p.s. Feeling overwhelmed? Sick of not finishing what you start? This program will give you clarity, focus, and motivation to get on track and get incredible results this year. Join now!

p.p.p.s. If for some reason the dates of the live training do not work for you, sign up anyway and you’ll be able to transfer your registration to a future live virtual program.

“With Bob’s coaching and continued support, I prioritized my projects, plugged them into a time frame and brought my products to market in record time! Following the Monetized Action Plan we developed together, and adopting his Take Action! Revise Later philosophy, I’ve done more in the last 6 months than the last 2 years! I created and published my first book, created an online training program for authors, increased my income, and expanded the reach of my teleseminars (Conversations About Marketing).”
D'vorah Lansky, Author of Connect, Communicate, and Profit