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IM Success Library Courses

Members receive on-demand access to these online marketing courses.

Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Discover Affiliate Strategies

Discover Autoresponders

Discover Butterfly Marketing

Discover cPanel – Website Management

Discover Digital Access Pass – Create Your Own Membership Sites With WordPress

Discover Freemind – Mindmapping Strategies and Software

Discover Masterminds

Discover Ning – Create Your Own Social Network

Discover Product Creation – Profit From Free Reports

Discover Social Networking – Profit From Social Networking On Twitter And Facebook

Discover Split Testing – Make More Sales And Grow Your E-Mail List Faster With Split Testing

Live Event Secrets

Squidoo Secrets – Get More Traffic, Exposure, And Sales With Squidoo

Teleseminar Formula – Profit And Product Creation System

Members Discussion (7 comments so far)

  1. I really love this new site where everything is in the same place and so easy to find. It will be easy for those who are or are not yet members find exactly what they need. It is really clean, simple and easy to follow. New people and older member alike will love this.

  2. Charlie

    Just joined up and it looks like this free membership is as good (better?) as another I was paying $37 a month for.Thanks, Bob!

  3. Hello Bob,
    What a wealth of information! I can hardly get through all of it (I’ve exceeded my bandwidth for two months now!). One suggestion: if I could fast forward through the audio instead of re-listening to the class to get to where I left off, that’d be great!
    Second, I’m wondering where I can get to the Unstoppable Blogging Modules?
    Thanks again for a very comprehensive product!!
    Definitely worth the investment.

    • Bob The Teacher

      Hi Christina – for now, the IMSL materials are not downloadable for monthly membership. The Unstoppable Blogging course has too many issues with changes to the platform the training was based on, so it needs to be redone. You can get good basic blogging training (including setting up the blog) inside Discover Digital Access Pass.


  4. I’m lovin’ OP and have also been working on transitioning it to my site. It frightens me sometimes how much we think alike. :-0

  5. I love the new site and the way it is organized. It is so easy to find what I am looking for. Thank you for all the wonderful training. The more I take action on what I learn here the better my results. You offer incredible value. So glad I hooked up with you and joined.

  6. Hi Bob
    I registered as a silver member a couple of years ago but have only just upgraded to gold and have to say I am blown away by your clarity and content.

    I feel much more confident about going ahead with Digital Access Pass on my site and am looking forward to going through the whole course.

    Thanks so much 🙂