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Free¬†Webinar – It’s Easy To Mindmap
(Includes Free Business Building Toolbox)

Take The Next Step To Improve Your Business With MindMapping

Option 1 – Fastest Path:
MindMap My Business Platinum

We’ll co-create your Monetized Action Plan (MAP) together and I’ll hold you accountable over 6 months to support you achieving your most important business goals. This is a private coaching program.

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Option 2 – Quick Path:
MindMap My Business Gold

Create your Monetized Action Plan (MAP) with my support during a 1-day virtual workshop. Then check-in every 2 weeks for 90 days to get additional help from me to overcome obstacles, fill in missing pieces, and clarify important decisions. This is a small group coaching program.

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Option 3 – On Your Own Path:
Discover Freemind Tutorials

Quickly learn the Freemind software so you can mindmap your projects, daily activities, and more. Includes a few templates to get you started. This is a 2-hour video course. This does not include coaching.

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