Teleseminar Formula 4
TF Module #1 Planning

Module 1: Teleseminar Planning Secrets

A profitable, purposeful teleseminar marketing strategy starts with great planning. In this kickoff session, discover:

  • The top 3 types of teleseminars you can start using right away to grow your coaching or services business
  • The Easy EFFORT Formula for promotional teleseminars
  • The fastest path to a high-converting teleseminar
  • Simple ways to structure your teleseminar
  • The answer to the most frequently asked question: How long should my teleseminar be?
  • Which software makes it super easy to plan out every call (bonus: I’ll give it to you free, too!)
  • What to look for in a stellar conference call system
  • A clear roadmap to a successful teleseminar every time!


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Members Discussion (5 comments so far)

  1. Wow this is terrific I am extremely excited Can’t wait to get started.

    Wahoo only 10 hours to wait


  2. Judy

    If I do a live FAQ teleseminar as my first, do I need the Yeti and Skype for that live call.

    • Bob The Teacher

      Hi Judy, you can simply use your telephone if you like! No need to get everything at the very start.

  3. Judy

    Do any of our TF4 modules or resources include training on how to use the freemind software you suggested we download?