Foreword By Adam Urbanski

This little book offers you three big gifts:

  • Mindset shifting stories,
  • A step-by-step guide how to turn your passion into a thriving business faster and with greater ease, and
  • Inspiration to get the heck out of your own way, stop procrastinating and start succeeding!

Chances are you are exploring reading this book because you want to build a more successful business but something is holding you back. For most people it’s these three challenges:

One, you are a technician trying to build a business. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but it just has you stuck thinking too small, being busy doing the wrong things and not getting the results you want. Take Action Revise Later will help you understand how to think like an entrepreneur and what you really need to be focusing on to make progress faster.

Two, you don’t know what to do next. After all, you didn’t go to school to be a business owner and you didn’t take any business building classes, right? So this book will be your practical guide, showing you, step-by-step, which specific actions to take next.

And three, you aren’t implementing fast enough what you already know. Let’s face it, most of us are excellent procrastinators. Our parents and schools have made sure that we “take the time to think about it.” This is really where Take Action Revise Later will impact you the most. Giving you practical tools and the inspiration to get going now!

But how can an ex high-school teacher possibly know how to grow a business? That’s what I asked myself when I first met Bob. We were speaking at the same conference and when I heard his presentation I instantly realized we have two things in common: we love to teach and we teach in a way that inspires big thinking but simplifies big ideas into immediately usable action steps.

Later, when Bob came to me as a client and shared what he was doing that, in only 18 months, allowed him to retire from his job and make more money he ever could have dreamt of making as a high school teacher, I immediately asked him, “Why aren’t you teaching THIS?” You see, Bob has discovered, used, and perfected a system, that – when followed – will allow anyone to turn their passion, skills, know-how, or hobby into an online business capable of making them wealthy! And he made it simple too!

Fortunately for you, he has taken my advice and has now outlined his simple system in this book. Plus he wrapped it in personal stories and metaphors that will break down your old ways of thinking about business and marketing, instill a new, more effective entrepreneurial mindset, and inspire you to think bigger and act faster.

If you want to make your dream of building a successful business come true, and you are looking for an action guide that will give you step-by-step instructions and the proverbial “kick in the pants” at the same time, this book is for you.

Adam Urbanski
The Millionaire Marketing Mentor® and creator of the Attract Clients Like Crazy System