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Hey – let me ask you a quick question.

What is the #1 reason why you aren’t able to move forward as fast as you’d like to in your business?

Is it because:

  • You don’t have the right amount of information?
  • You have gaps in your online marketing strategies?
  • You don’t have the right mentor or person guiding you?
  • Or is it because you lack the confidence in what you are trying to accomplish in your business?

Well whatever the reason is for you specifically, I think the number one reason why most people are struggling, perhaps yourself as well, is…

You don’t have all the right pieces in one place.

You are trying to find too many answers from too many different places. And the answers you get are often in conflict with one another, leaving you stuck without a clear plan of action to take. Or worse – acting like a starfish going off in 5 or more directions resulting in no real progress at all.

You’re probably missing an overall, big-picture strategy for your marketing, and lacking the simple steps to benefit from such a strategy.

I can give you both.

The Power Profits Mentoring And Training Program

(AKA, How 2013 Can Be 10X Better Than 2012!)

As you look back over the last 12 months, do you do so with excitement, or with regrets?

Imagine where you’ll be one year from today. Will the feeling be the same, or will you look back over the calendar and realize how much better 2013 will be than last?

That’s what can happen when you have online marketing training and business mentoring with someone who’s been where you are now, and achieved financial success and achieved a strong business-life balance.

Over the last 6 years of teaching business owners to succeed, I’ve discovered a few things about what best helps people like you the most.

  1. Personalized approach to business coaching
  2. Specific, step-by-step instruction on how to do the technical things in business until you have the opportunity to outsource or hire a VA
  3. Frequent, consistent opportunities to ask questions and stay accountable to your goals

So I’ve created an affordable, high value group mentoring and training program that will give you a constant boost to your marketing efforts.

When you join the Power Profits Mentoring And Training Program, you set yourself on a path of empowered success – I’ll make sure you’re not blocked by current circumstances, and that you’re taking advantage of the best opportunities in front of you.

Special Note For Long Time Customers: This program enhances/replaces the retiring IMSL Platinum program you may have seen (or been part of) in the past!

Why Is This Program
The Perfect Fit Right Now?

My training and mentoring allow you to go from wherever you are now to get the results that you’re looking for and add a significant amount of profit to your business in a shorter amount of time.

You’re able to stop struggling trying to figure it all out on your own. Or worse – getting the wrong advice from friends and family who simply can’t relate to what you’re trying to do with your coaching or expertise-based business.

I’ll clear your path towards profit, productivity, and confidence in your business.

The truth is I can’t (and don’t want to) help everybody. I want to help with people who are primed for explosive growth, truly want to help people, and have the goods to deliver high value to their customers and clients.

This program is an ideal fit for:

  • An experienced offline coach or consultant who is finally ready to step into the potentially confusing world of marketing your business online
  • A successful executive who is jumping ship from your soul-sucking day job and you want to impact people with your knowledge and experience
  • An affiliate or network marketer who has finally realized that THEY themselves should be the lead product to market and profit from
  • A coach or consultant who’s ready to escape the time for dollars trap of coaching, create more passive income streams, and enjoy the rewards of being really, really good at what you do
  • You if you’re ready to “Take Action, and Revise Later”
  • You if you believe that helping people pays, and should pay very well

If that describes you, keep reading. Otherwise, I’ll see you later!

Still here? Great, here are the 3 ways I’m going to personally help you elevate your results in the coming months.

#1: Power Profits Monthly Mentoring Gives You
My Personal Support To Grow Your Business
In An Affordable Group Coaching Environment

Part one of this program, Power Profits Monthly Mentoring gives you personal coaching from me in an interactive group setting.

I have the experience and coaching ability to transform your business with each coaching session.

During our monthly live mentoring calls, I can coach you on:

  • Creating a marketing funnel from squeeze page to back end sales
  • List building and email marketing
  • Video marketing (YouTube, Camtasia, Product Creation)
  • Planning joint venture teleseminars and webinars
  • Developing a cohesive affiliate marketing strategy
  • Blogging strategies with WordPress
  • Clarity on the big picture of your business, and the small steps to attain your goals
  • Membership sites and information product creation (DAP)

And best of all, since this is community mentoring program, you get to give and receive feedback from other members in the program!

These calls are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month, from 3 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern. Not able to make it? Submit your question ahead of time!

These sessions are recorded, too, so you can pick up strategies and “need to know now” solutions to challenges presented by you and the other members of the group.

These calls alone would be worth the investment required below, but I know that I can do more to increase your chances for success.

#2: Get Your Geek On With Live Webinars Revealing
Cutting Edge Strategies And Tools To Market Your Business!

Part two of this program is the Power Profits Get Your Geek On Webinars, where you’ll learn cutting edge strategies and online marketing tools you can use to grow your business. I’ll host these webinars (usually with a guest expert) live at least once per month, usually the third Tuesday of the month, from 3 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern. They’re designed to bring you great ideas while making sure you get a clear, easy understanding of what’s being taught so you can use them ASAP.

Topics in 2013 include (subject to change):

  • Secrets to profitable membership sites and insider strategies with Digital Access Pass
  • Increase your list building efforts with higher converting squeeze page secrets
  • Tracking your marketing efforts with split testing and analytics
  • Paid advertising success secrets and costly mistakes to avoid
  • Making decisions quickly and confidently
  • And many more (including topics suggested by you and other members!)

You’ll be able to attend live and ask questions of me and the guest expert, and you’ll also get the recordings for easy replay.

#3: On-Demand Internet Marketing Training
At Your Finger Tips

Part three of this program is the Power Profits On-Demand Archives, a complete library of online marketing courses that fill in the gaps of your technical knowledge. Watch and listen to these step-by-step courses (or hand them over to your Virtual Assistant), and you’ll never have to feel like a 2-year old when it comes to the technical side of running your business.

These video and audio sessions that I have personally created over the last 5 years make it simple to shorten your learning curve to minutes instead of months.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Host list building and client getting teleseminars
  • Set up an email list and marketing campaign with Aweber
  • Manage your website’s “engine” via cPanel
  • Create high quality marketing videos
  • Manage ideas and overwhelm with mindmapping
  • Create information products
  • Navigate social media efficiently

This library expands throughout your membership in this program to keep you “in the know”.

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Stay Focused And Think Bigger With
Take Action Revise Later Audio Book

I want you to have fast access to my business philosophies and proven marketing strategies. My book, Take Action, Revise Later encapsulates those mindset and marketing strategies in one place.

In late January, I’m releasing the TARL 2.0 audiobook, read by me, and you’ll get it free with today’s order.

You won’t have to wait to start learning – you get instant access to version 1 right away, and I’ll send you version 2 in a few short weeks.

You Get All This For Just $3.25/Day!

I designed the Power Profits Mentoring and Training Program as a place for highly motivated coaches and expertise marketers to benefit from my experience and expertise without the higher price tag of my private coaching programs and mastermind retreats. It’s my goal for you to create plenty of profit in your first few months of this program so you can jump up to that higher level ASAP!

So the investment in this program is under $100/month – an affordable, yet high value opportunity to get the help you need on a regular basis.

You can join The Power Profits Mentoring and Training Program for just $97/month – that’s less than $3.25/day – latteĀ  money!

Or save even more with a single payment of just $970 which is like getting 2 months free.

Commit To Your Success – Not To A Contract!

I guarantee you’ll love the progress you make in your business when you have my mentoring and training. That’s why there’s no long term commitment or contract – you can cancel at any time. Plus, if at any time during your first 30 days you decide this program isn’t for you, simply let me know (via and you’ll receive a prompt refund! After your first month, if you decide you’re not being well-served by my mentoring and training, let me know and your membership will be canceled, and your account will not be charged again.

Power Profits Mentoring Program Special Offer

Yes Bob! I want to get more clarity and confidence in my marketing, help people profitably, and enjoy the rewards of my coaching/expertise business. Give me access now to…

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  • The Power Profit On-Demand Online Marketing Archives ($497 Value)
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I’m passionate about helping people who have great but unrealized potential for their businesses. If that’s you, click the Add To Cart button above, and let’s grow your business together with the Power Profits Training And Mentoring Program!

To Your Empowered Success,

p.s. This is a special time-limited offer, which means if you try to get back to this page, you won’t be able to. Lock in this amazing price for mentoring and training to make your 2013 a spectacular year in business!

p.p.s. Quit trying to figure things out on your own, or spinning your wheels learning from too many different and conflicting sources of training. Get specific and proven internet marketing strategies you need in one place with this coaching offer.

p.p.p.s. Just think – within the next few days you and I could be on the phone tackling that big hurdle and “energy suck” that’s blocking your momentum and keeping you from helping more people! Our first group mentoring session is January 8 and I’d love to answer your question!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “What experience do you have as a business owner and coach?”

Answer: I started my own online business in 2006 from scratch. While I was still a full-time high school history teacher, I began creating digital products and virtual experiences that showed how to use specific internet marketing tools. Within 15 months, I had replaced my teacher’s salary – in fact, I had more than doubled it. I resigned from the classroom and continued to create more products in multiple formats.

I’ve conducted over 500 teleseminars and webinars, held 5 live seminars (at Maryland, North Carolina, California, and Florida hotels), 6 mastermind retreats, and spoken on stage for over 20 business conferences. I’ve created over 40 digital products and courses, including audio, video, and ebook based courses. I’ve done most of the work myself, relying on a few outsourcing partners, and a permanent administrative virtual assistant for my help desk.

As a coach, I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs expand their marketing online, create digital and physical products of their own, publish books, conduct teleseminars and webinars, rapidly expand their list, grow their social media visibility, and become the go-to-expert in their field.

Question: “Will I get the recordings of the sessions?”

Answer: Yes – as a bonus for the coaching, I will provide the .MP3 recording of each session you order today. You can use that non-exclusive recording in any way you see fit, such as an opt-in gift, a product, turn it into transcripts, etc.