Take Action Revise Later Releases October 10, 2010

I’m excited to announce the release date for my first book, Take Action! Revise Later – October 10, 2010.

This auspicious date has been chosen for several reasons, despite the fact that most book marketers would tell you to never release a product on a Sunday!

October 10 is a “triple date”!

One of the last three remaining triple dates of the century, 10/10/10  and I’m not going to wait until November 11 of next year or December 12 in two more years to get this book out to you!

October 10 is a “binary day”!

I like to call any date with all 1s and 0s in it as a binary day. There are a few this year, and next year, but not again until the next century. There’s just something cool about that, even though I’m sure you find it incredibly geeky!

October 10 decimal equivalent is 42!

When you write the date 101010, the decimal equivalent of this binary number is 42 – which is an iconic number in the world of geeks (and remember geek is sexy!).

This number (42) is the answer to the ultimate question in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. I won’t attempt to convince you that Take Action! Revise Later is as seminal a work as this classic; but I do hope it helps you a lot more in your business than Hitchhiker’s!

But perhaps the most important reason for the date of TARL’s release as 10/10/10 is it’s easy for you to remember! So make sure you’re online to get your copy on Sunday and be among the first to benefit from the lessons, observations, and strategies shared in this book.

I’m looking forward to helping you get out of your own way using this book as your simple guide to business success!

Bob Jenkins

p.s. As always, your comments are welcome below!