How The IM Success Library Can Help Your Virtual Assistant Business

Are you struggling to find clients for your VA business? Do you wish you knew a few more marketable skills to help you stand out from the competition?

I love teaching entrepreneurs how to market their own businesses online. And the IM Success Library’s on-demand courses and live coaching sessions are here to give business owners all the strategies and skills they need to succeed online.

However, many entrepreneurs would rather have a virtual assistant do most of the work for them instead. That’s where you come in.

If you are a Virtual Assistant, you’ll get a lot out of this site. First and foremost, I can teach you how to market your VA business through teleseminars, social networking, information products and affiliate marketing.

But you can also learn new skills that you don’t currently have, but your potential clients want and will pay you more for.

Let me explain this more…

For example, you may already know how to work with your clients’ Aweber account, but do you know how to monetize their list building for them? Or create e-newsletters based on their blog? The Discover Autoresponders course (Module 5) will show you how.

Maybe you want to learn how to run a teleseminar for your client, and help them turn their recording into multiple products. The Teleseminar Formula course will show you how.

Or perhaps you know how to set up a simple shopping cart, but not an affiliate program. Discover Butterfly Marketing will show you how.

Recently, I was a guest on Meredith Eisenberg’s radio show talking about these types of skills – in particular Butterfly Marketing.

You can listen to the interview below.

Create your account at the IM Success Library now, and let me help you grow your virtual assistant business!

Bob Jenkins

p.s. With the skills you will learn in the IM Success Library, you should be able to raise your VA fees by 25-50% or more.

p.p.s. For more VA business building tips, be sure to connect with Meredith.

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  1. As a Virtual Assistant, a fantastic way to stand out above your competition is to be able to offer services to your clients that will help them make money online right now. We must be continually keeping up with new technology to move our business forward profitably. Thanks Bob for coming out with this IM Success Library to teach Virtual Assistants how to do the things that clients need nowadays to make money online like autoresponder assistance, help with setting up teleseminars, developing affiliate programs, etc. These are the skill sets that are required most by clients who are marketing their wares online and if you are a VA, you should consider adding them to your service repertoire today!

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